St. Nicholas Church at the Lesser Town

The Church of St. Nicholas in Malostranska Square is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches not only in Prague but in the whole Czech Republic. One way or another, the mighty dome with its thin bell tower is an integral part of the cityscape.

Photo of the Dome of St. Nicholas Church, Lesser Town, Prague

The church was built in the 18th century for the Jesuit order by the famous Dietzenhofer family. First, Kristof Dietzenhofer built the nave in 1703-1711. Then, his son Kilian Ignaz Dietzenhofer built the altar part with a massive dome in 1737 -1752.

The facade of the temple is a typical example of buildings in the so-called radical or dynamic baroque style. Curved walls heavily divided by pillars and cornices create the illusion of movement. The facade is richly decorated with sculptures. Above the entrance, there is a sculpture of St. Nicholas. On both sides of him, St. Peter and St. Paul are standing. On the very edges are the founders of the Jesuit order - St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Francis Xavier.

The interiors of the church are even more impressive. Franz Xaver Palko created the mural in the dome with the illusion of dizzying high. Some sketches of this mural are kept in the Louvre. The dome rests on four massive pillars. Fathers of the Church and symbols of human qualities - sculptures of Ignaz Platzer - are looking down at us.

Photo of St. Nicholas Church, Lesser Town, Prague

Jan Lukas Kracker created the murals in the nave. It is curious that, in addition to the saints, he depicted many scenes from everyday life: warriors, sailors, merchants, boatmen, and even himself (look for a figure in yellow and blue clothes). Another priceless object in the church is the organ from the 18th century. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself played on it during one of his visits to Prague.

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