Prague Public Transport

The main Prague attractions are within walking distance of each other. And many of the most beautiful streets and squares are a pedestrian zone. So don't forget to pack a pair of comfortable shoes and prepare yourself for long walks:).

Photo of a tram, Prague Castle on the background

However, you will probably have to use public transport from time to time. For example, to get to the city from the airport, to visit the Zoo or simply to get some rest from walking.

The Prague public transport consists of three metro lines, trams, buses, a funicular to the Petřín Hill, and several ferries across the Vltava. The same tickets are valid everywhere. Daytime bus, tram routes, and metro operate from 5 am to 12 am. At night you can get around the city by night buses and trams.

A ticket for short trips up to 30 minutes costs 30 CZK. With a ticket for 40 CZK, you can use public transport for 90 minutes. If you plan a lot of trips in one day, it is a good idea to buy a ticket for 24 hours. It costs 120 CZK. Children under fifteen travel free of charge (document that confirms age is needed). On the day the child turns 15, he will need a ticket.

Photo of Vending Machine where You Can Buy Tickets

The funicular ride to Petřín hill costs 60 CZK. You can buy tickets directly at the stations. And if you have a public transport ticket which is valid 24 hours or more, you won't have to pay anything extra. It is also accepted on the funicular.

Photo of Vending Machines at Prague Airport

You can buy tickets at newsstands, tobacco shops, and vending machines. Vending machines are installed at all metro stations, as well as at many bus and tram stops. In the new machines, you can pay both cash and with bank cards. Old machines only accept Czech coins. You can also install Litacka application on your phone. It will allow you to buy electronic tickets directly from the app.

If you are using the classic paper ticket, do not forget immediately stamp it in the yellow validating machine after entering a bus, tram or metro. The timestamp will show the time you started your ride. Without it, your ticket is not valid.

To choose the best route, use the website of Prague Public Transport or install Litacka on your phone.

Photo of Validating Machine Where You Must Stamp Your Ticket

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