The Estates Theatre

The Estates Theatre on Ovocný Trh Square is one of the first permanent theatre stages in Prague. Built in 1781 - 1783 on the land plot of count František Antonin Nostic-Rieneck, it was initially called the Nostic Theater.

The street between the Estates Theater and Charles University

The architect Antonin Haffenecker create the building in the Classicist style. And it is considered to be one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe. After the count Nostic death, the building was bought by representatives of Czech estates. And since then it is called The Estates Theatre.

On October 29, 1787, the world premiere of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni took place at the Nostic Theatre. The author himself conducted the orchestra. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was incredibly popular in Prague. Wherever he went, he heard words of recognition and praise. He never saw such a kind of attitude towards himself in Vienna.

Since 2000, a sculpture called Pieta stands at the entrance to the Estates Theatre. This is a work by Anna Chromy. The sculptor presented it to the city after her exhibition Sounds of Bronze dedicated to Mozart's operas.

Photo of the Estates Theatre and Pieta

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