Where to See Cherry Blossoms, Blooming Trees, and Magnolias in Prague?

Although Prague is beautiful at any time of the year, it looks especially gorgeous in spring. Blooming almond trees, magnolias, cherry blossoms, apple trees, and lilac alternate. And local photographers are on the constant hunt for the best shots. If you plan to visit Prague in spring, here is my list of the best spots to enjoy the city in full bloom.

Seminary Garden (Seminářská záhrada)

The Seminary Garden on the Petrin hill between a funicular and palaces of Mala Strana is the best place for a romantic walk in the early spring. Not only can you admire 2100 flowering fruit trees growing in the garden, but you also will enjoy breathtaking views of the city. First, almond blossoms appear. Usually, it happens during March, depending on the weather. Apple, pear, and cherry trees follow. And Petrin changes its color from pink to white. Try to come here before the afternoon while the slope is still sunlit.

Photo of the view from the Seminary Garden in Mala Strana, Prague.

How to get to the Seminary Garden?

Tram stop — Hellichova.

Funicular stop — Nebozízek.

Wallenstein Garden (Valdštejnská záhrada)

This early baroque garden near Wallenstein palace — the seat of the Czech Senate — is open from April to October and is worth seeing during any of these months. However, if you come in April, you will see gorgeous magnolias there. And it is a great place to visit with kids. There are peacocks, fishes in the pond, and even an artificial cave with stalactites. The garden is also a venue for concerts and theatrical performances. Usually, they take place at 17:00 each Thursday, and the entrance is free. It is better to check the up-to-date schedule at the Czech senate website.

Photo of Wallenstein Garden in Mala Strana, Prague.

How to get to the Wallenstein Garden?

Tram stop — Malostranská.

Subway station — Malostranská.

Vojan Garden (Vojanový sády)

Vojan Garden is another popular place for photoshoots with cherry blossoms and magnificent magnolias right in the city center. Considering it is located between the Charles bridge and Malostranska subway station, it's surprisingly easy to miss. The garden is hidden behind a small unremarkable door from U Lužického semináře street. Inside you will find a green oasis of impressive size - Vojan garden covers an area of 2.4 hectares. Even when fruit trees stop blooming, there are still a lot of flowers here. And it is home to many peacocks.

Photo of a peacock in Vojan Garden

How to get to the Vojan Garden?

Tram stop — Malostranská.

Subway station — Malostranská.

Jiřího z Podebrad Square

In spring, trees at this Prague square turn into pink clouds, and the place looks breathtaking. However, there are more reasons to visit it. First, the Church of the Sacred Heart of the Lord from 1928-1932 is located here. And yes, not only Gotic or Baroque temples are worth seeing in Prague. According to architect Josip Plecnik, the church should resemble Noah's ark. And the most impressive part of the building is the glass clock with a 7.6 m diameter dial on a tower as wide as the entire building. In addition, there are a lot of nice cafes and restaurants around the square. And every Wednesday and Saturday popular farmers' market takes place here.

Photo of a child and his farther looking at sakuras, Jiriho z Podebrad square.

How to get to the Jiriho z Podebrad square?

Tram stop — Jiřího z Poděbrad.

Subway station — Jiřího z Poděbrad.

Student Campus in Dejvice

Those willing to step away from the city center will be rewarded with a walk along a beautiful alley of blossoming trees. Professors from Prague University of Chemistry and Technology planted these Japanese sakura trees in 1979. And now they look stunning every spring. Usually, this location is not too crowded, so it is excellent for portrait photoshoots. On Saturdays, though, a farmer's market takes place nearby. So, be prepared that many people will be taking photos of blooming trees. On the bright side, you will be able to buy tasty food and drinks.

Photo of a memorial to paratroopers of the Czechoslovak Army, Technicka street

How to get to the Campus in Dejvice?

Subway station — Dejvická. Then look for Technická street.

When Can You See Blossoming Trees in Prague?

It all depends on the weather. Sometimes it is so warm in winter that almond trees start to bloom at the end of February. Sometimes it is so cold that they wait until the beginning of April. Typically, it goes like follows:

Almond trees — last two weeks of March

Magnolias — first weeks of April

Cherries, pears, apples — April

Lilacs and chestnuts — May.

Please take into account that this schedule is not too reliable. It all depends on the temperatures outside.

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