Food You Have to Try in Prague

Let's face it. Czech national cuisine is quite unhealthy and rich-in-calories. You hardly will be able to eat something without splashing it with plenty of beer:).

Photo of a bowl of soup


Czech people say: "Soup is the basis." And you should take them seriously. In many cases, a rich soup can replace the main course. Some restaurants serve soups in a loaf of bread instead of a usual bowl.

"Kulajda" is a creamy soup with mushrooms, potatoes, sour cream, and eggs.

"Česnečka" is a broth with garlic, usually served with croutons and cheese. This soup is also incredibly popular as a hangover remedy.

"Bramboračka" is a soup made from potatoes, carrots, celery, mushrooms, garlic, and marjoram.

Main Course

The main dishes are usually meat with thick, nutritious sauces and dumplings as a side dish. Dumplings are made of dough. They are eaten by cutting off small pieces and dipping them into the sauce. There several types of dumplings in the Czech republic. The most common type is "houskové." These are the ones that resemble slices of a loaf. Potato dumplings ("bramborové") are also very popular. Carlsbad dumplings ("karlovarské") are made from pieces of bread fried in butter.

Photo of a Plate of Svickova

"Koleno" — roasted pork knee, served with mustard, horseradish, pickled cucumbers.

"Svíčková" — roasted beef with vegetable cream sauce served with dumplings.

"Guláš" — meat in paprika sauce served (what a surprise) with dumplings.

"Kachna se zelím a knedlíkem" —duck with cabbage and dumplings.

"Vepřová pečeně s knedlíkem a zelím" — pork with cabbage and dumplings.

"Smažený sýr" — a piece of cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried, served with potatoes and tartar sauce.

Photo of Apricote Dumplings

Something Sweet

"Ovocné knedlíky" — fruit dumplings () are made of strawberries, apricots, or plums wrapped in dough pieces. They are usually sprinkled with poppy seeds, powdered sugar, and poured with melted butter on the top.

"Jablečný závin" — apple strudel. Most people would associate it with Austria. But remember, the Czech Republic was a part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire for a long time. Many dishes were borrowed from neighbors, took root and now proudly call themselves national Czech: ).

"Palačinky" — thin pancakes served with various fillings: fruit, jam, ice cream.

"Lívance" — small pancakes served with sour cream, cottage cheese, fruits, or sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Something to Accompany Beer

"Utopence" — marinaded sausages.

"Nakládaný hermelín" — marinaded soft cheese with white mold.

"Tatarák" or "Tatarský biftek" — a pile of raw meat with a raw egg and a selection of spices can definitely make an impression on an unprepared gourmet. But believe me, it's delicious. Mix the meat with an egg and spices, rub garlic on toasts, spread the meat mixture on top, and swallow up with pleasure. Splashing with beer is a must.

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