Nerudova Street

One of the most picturesque streets in Prague bears the name of the Czech writer and journalist Jan Neruda. It leads up from Malostranska Square to Prague Castle. Here you can admire Baroque houses with richly decorated shields and portals. There are also several palaces here. But the most exciting thing in this street is that we still can see many house signs used instead of numbers.

Photo of the house At Two Suns, Nerudova Street, Prague

At Two Suns (no. 233) is the most famous house here. Jan Neruda lived in this building from 1845 to 1857. His most famous collection of stories is called "Tales of the Lesser Quarter." It's not hard to guess where the writer was looking for inspiration. It is curious that the Chilean poet, Nobel Prize winner in literature, Pablo Neruda, borrowed his pseudonym from Jan Neruda.

On the house no. 210 we can see one of the most beautiful house signs in Prague - three violins. Three generations of the creators of this musical instrument lived here.

Photo of the house At the Three Fiddles, Nerudova Street, Prague

At the beginning of the 18th century, the famous Baroque architect Jan Blazej Santini Aichel lived in the house no. 211. He also designed two neighboring palaces: Thun-Hohenstein with sculptures by Bernard Brown and Morzin.

Because of the two statues by Maximilian Brokoff that support the balcony, the latter is often called "the House at Moors." Brokoff also created tow busts on the facade. A young man with a smiling sun on his chest is a symbol of the day. A girl wrapped in a shawl symbolizes night. Today the Romanian Embassy seats in this palace.

Photo of the moor at Morzin Palac

The house no. 213 "At St. John of Nepomuk" is guarded by two saints at once. St. John of Nepomuk himself can be seen right above the entrance. At the very top is a sculpture of St. Florian. This saint is considered a protector from fires. He holds a bucket in his hand, from which he pours water onto a burning building.

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