Powder Gate

Centuries ago, a Mountain Gate from the 13th century stood on the site of a Powder Gate. In 1348 the New Town was built around the Old Town. And there was no need to take good care of Old Town walls and gates as any conquering army would have to fight with the New Town first. So by the 15th century, the Mountain Gate was in a deplorable state, and nobody called it other than Ragged. And then town councils agreed to build the new ones.

The photo of the Powder gate, Old Town, Prague

The new gate was supposed to perform a representative function rather than defensive. The construction began in 1475. Master Vaclav and the royal architect Matej Rejsek built the tower in the late Gothic style. Today we can see a sculpture of Matej Rejsek at the corner of the Municipal House.

In the 18th century, the tower was used as a warehouse for gunpowder. Hence the name - Powder Gate. Gradually, the building fell to disrepair. And it was not safe for pedestrians to walk near it. Parts of stone decorations sometimes fell off the tower. At one time, they were even going to demolish it. But in the second half of the 19th century, the restoration of old monuments came into fashion. The architect Joseph Mocker restored the tower. And today, we can enter the Old Town through this Gothic gate.

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