Dancing House

Hardly any building in Prague caused more controversy than the Dancing House on the Rašinovo nábřeží. Some people like the original idea. Others claim that the building does not fit into the environment at all. But one way or another, no other modern construction in Prague attracts so much attention.

Photo of the observation deck at Prague's Dancing house

The Dancing House was built on a vacant lot that appeared after an air raid on February 14, 1945. For a long time, this plot of land remained empty. And only in 1992, the Dutch insurance company Nationale Nederlanden bought it. In 1996 the construction of Dancing House finished. It is a result of the cooperation of famous architects Vlado Milunic and Frank O. Gehry. Together they created Ginger and Fred. This is what the towers of the Dancing House are called in honor of the American dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

Nowadays, there are offices, art galleries, a hotel, a restaurant, and a bar with an observation deck in this building.

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