What to Buy in Prague: The Best Souvenirs from the Czech Republic

If you want to bring something from Prague as a gift for your friends or as a small reminder of your visit to the city, do not limit yourself to magnets and tee cups. I have put together a list of traditional products so that you can find ideas for the best presents from the Czech Republic.

Czech cosmetics


Manufaktura is a well-known Czech cosmetic company. They use mostly natural ingredients — mineral salt from Karlovy Vary, local herbs, Moravian wine, and Czech beer. Besides soaps, creams, and shampoos, you can also buy herb tees, wooden toys, and handmade jewelry at their shops.

Фотография соли для ванн Мануфактура

Where to buy Manufaktura cosmetics?

Manufaktura stores - Melantrichova, 17 / Celetná, 12 / Karlova, 26 / Mostecká, 17

Фотография магазина Botanicus в Тынском дворе


Botanicus is another excellent option. They have a great choice of organic cosmetics, soaps, oils, candles, honey, and tees. Whatever you choose, you are buying a high-quality product. Ingredients are grown without using any commercial fertilizers and chemical sprays in company’s gardens in Ostrá nad Labem. By the way, you can visit these gardens and nearby craft center during summer. In Prague, you can find a Botanicus shop in Tynsky Dvur, a few steps from Old Town Square. And it smells so good in there that you should allow at least an hour for your visit:).

Where to buy Botanicus cosmetics?

Botanicus shop - Тын, 3


Another brand for lovers of natural cosmetics is Ryor. This family-run Czech company started by producing products for professional beauticians. Nowadays, they also offer high-quality products at affordable prices for home use. You can choose between many cosmetic lines, including Cannabis Derma Care and Original Beer Cosmetics.

Фотография пивной косметики Ryor

Where to buy Ryor cosmetics?

Ryor shop- Národní třída, 25

Фотография гелей для душа Dermacol Aroma Ritual


Dermacol is a well-known Czech makeup company. Its history began in the 1960s in Barrandov Film Studios, where, based on experience with film makeup, they developed one of the world's first makeup covers. A license for this high cover makeup was then bought by studios in Hollywood. Besides makeup, shadows, and lipsticks, Dermacol also offers body and skincare products today. But be aware, their Aroma Ritual shower gels are extremely addictive:).

Where to buy Dermacol cosmetics?

Any dry goods store (DM, ROSSMAN, Teta) or at Studio Dermacol shops — NC Palladium, Náměstí Republiky 1078 / Quadrio, Spálená 2121.

Food and Drinks


Becherovka is a delicious herbal bitter produced in Karlovy Vary. Its recipe has been kept secret for more than 200 years, and presumably, only two people at the factory know it. Beherovka was created in 1807 and sold as a treatment for a stomach illness, and nowadays, many people still use it as a digestive aid. You can serve it chilled as a shot, mixed in cocktails, or prepare a hot drink. The most popular cocktail is called Beton (“concrete” in Czech): just mix Becherovka and tonic and add a lemon slice.

Фотография бутылок Бехеровки

Where to buy Becherovka?

Any supermarket in the city or duty-free shops at the airport.

Фотография бокалов Pilsner Urquell


Brewing beer has a long history in Czech lands. There is evidence that the first brewery was founded in 993 in Břevnov Monastery. Many believe that Czech beer is the best in the entire world. Nowadays, there are more than 400 breweries in the Czech Republic. Some brands are well-known abroad — Pilsner Urquell, Velkopopovický Kozel, Budějovický Budvar, Krušovice, or Staropramen, to name a few. And there are plenty of small brewpubs, where you can taste their craft beer and buy a bottle or two as a gift (Strahov Monastery Brewery, U Medvídků, Břevnov Monastery Pivovar, Pivovar Národní, and others).

Where to buy Czech beer?

Craft beers — at pubs directly. Common brands — at any supermarket in the city or duty-free shops at the airport.


If you are looking for a typical Czech soft drink, Kofola is what you need. It was created in the late 50s as a Czechoslovak alternative to the "western" Coca-Cola and Pepsi. To achieve the unique flavor, scientists combined fourteen herbal and fruit ingredients and supplemented them with caffeine. Today the company is still using the same formula. Compared with Coca-Cola or Pepsi, Kofola is less sweet and has a more pronounced citrus flavor.

Фотография бокала Кофолы

Where to buy Kofola?

Any supermarket in the city.

Фотография шоколада Studentská Pečeť

Chocolate Studentská Peceť

A bar of Studentská Peceť is a great gift both for children and adults. This delicious mix of milk or dark chocolate, peanuts, raisings, and jelly was created in 1975. Today you can buy various versions — with white chocolate, cherries, pears, or cranberries.

Where to buy Studentská Peceť?

Any supermarket in the city.

Oplatky (SPA Wafers)

Sweet round wafers, flavored with cinnamon, hazelnut, or chocolate, are typical for Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně — famous Czech SPA towns. People have been making them since the 18th century. If you plan to visit one of the SPA towns, don't miss a chance to taste fresh hot wafers from one of the stalls in the promenades. But don't worry if you are only staying in Prague. Go to the nearest supermarket and look for Opavia Kolonada wafers.

Фотография оплаток Колоннада

Where to buy oplatky?

In Karlovy Vary — a stall of Karlovarské Oplatky in Hot Spring Colonnade. In Prague — at any supermarket.

Фотография сыра Гермелин


Hermelin is another option for a tasty gift from the Czech Republic. It is a soft and creamy cheese with a coating of white mold. Besides classic Hermelin, you can buy cheese with different flavors: pepper, herbs, garlic, poppy seed, and so on. The most famous brands are Král Sýrů and Sedlčanský. By the way, at local restaurants, they serve marinated (nakladany) or fried (smazeny) hermelin. Do not miss the chance to taste them. Both are delicious!

Where to buy Hermelin cheese?

Any supermarket in the city.

For Kids


Krtek or Little Mole is the most famous Czech cartoon character. He first appeared on screen in 1957, and since then, generations of children have adored this cutie. Today, you can buy Krtek plush toys, puzzles, pillows, bags, t-shirts, or books at any local toy shop. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that you will have an excellent gift for a kid.

Фотография кротиков в магазине игрушек

Where to buy Krtek toys?

Hugo Chodí Bos - Řeznická 12

Sparkys Palladium - Náměstí Republiky 1078/1

Sparkys Quadrio - Spálená 2121/22

Hamleys - Na Příkopě 854/14

Фотография вывески на магазине Koh-i-noor


A box of Kohinoor pencils, pastels, or wax crayons is another perfect gift from the Czech Republic. Its factory in České Budějovice has been in operation since 1848. In their stores, you can buy both creative aids for children and quality art supplies for professionals.

Where to buy Koh-i-noor products?

Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth shops - Na Příkopě 24 / Vodičkova 31 / Na Poříčí 23

Marionettes, Puppets, and Wooden Toys

Czech lands are also famous for hand-crafted wooden toys. They are stylish, durable, and make an excellent gift for kids. You can choose between cars, birds, building blocks, houses, and many other kinds. If you are looking for something suitable for adults, check out Czech marionettes and puppets. They are traditionally hand-carved from wood and represent different characters: witches, demons, political figures, animals, or fictional characters.

Фотография витрины с марионетками

Where to buy wooden toys?

Czech Toys and Marionettes in Ungelt - Týn 10

Hugo Chodí Bos - Řeznická 12

Toy shop "U Zlatého Lva" - Celetná 32

Something Special (and quite expensive)

Bohemian Crystal

Glassmaking in Czech lands dates back to the 13th century, and many consider Bohemian crystal the best glass in the world. Do not get confused by the word "crystal." It refers to a glass with a significant amount of lead in it. Look for such brands as Moser, Ruckl, or Bohemia Crystal.

Фотография магазина Moser на Старомнестской площади

Where to buy Bohemian crystal?

Moser stores - Na Příkopě 12 / Staroměstské náměstí 603/15

Dana Bohemia - Národní 43

Debut Gallery - Malé náměstí 12

Фотография чашки. Чешский фарфор.

Czech Porcelain

Production of porcelain has a long history in the Czech Republic. The first manufactories were founded at the end of the 18th century. And today, Czech porcelain products are still valued for their exceptional quality and glaze. Besides classic white, in Prague, you can buy unique pink porcelain. Such cups and plates are not covered with colored glaze, as it might seem at first glance. The mass for making porcelain itself is painted in a delicate shade of pink. And if you break a cup, you can see that the chip is pink over its entire width. The most famous brands of the Czech porcelain are Thun, Rudolf Kämpf-Leander, and Český Porcelán Dubí.

Where to buy Czech porcelain?

Dana Bohemia - Národní 43

Cesky Porcelain - Perlová 1

Dum Porcelanu - Jugoslávská 567/16

Garnet and Moldavite (vltavín)

If you are looking for more fancy gifts, jewelry with garnets or moldavites might interest you. Bohemian garnet is a precious mineral of deep red color. It has been mined in the Czech lands for several centuries, and jewelry with garnets set in silver is still very popular. Granat Turnov is the biggest producer, and it has several stores in Prague. There you can also buy rings, earrings, or bracelets where garnets are combined with moldavite — a green stone with a distinct fern-like pattern.

Фотография украшений с гранатами

Where to buy Czech garnet?

Granat Turnov shops - Karlova 8 / Panská 1 / Dlouhá 28

Hopefully, this list will help you to decide what to bring back from the Czech Republic. Keep in mind that if you are flying with carry-on luggage only, you will not be able to take more than one liter of liquids and gels on board. Besides, each product can be in a package with a maximum volume of 100 ml. This rule applies to drinks, perfumes, creams, shampoos, shower gels, sprays, and even soft cheeses, jams, or peanut butter. So, if you have no check-in luggage with you and you want to buy, let's say, a bottle of Becherovka or Manufaktura cosmetics, then do it at duty-free shops at the airport. It will be packed in a sealed safety package for the duration of your trip.

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