What to Expect When Travelling to Prague in Winter 2020-2021

There are many articles out there with tips on visiting Prague during winter. Usually, you will read about the magical Christmas atmosphere, few tourists during the off-season, or fantastic concerts in churches, etc. And all of that will be true if we were not living in 2020. There were no many tourists even during the high season, the museums and theatres are closed most of the year, and Christmas will be even more of a home holiday than usual.

Photo of Prague Castle and the Lesser Town in Winter

So, if you are determined to have a great winter holiday in Prague in December - March, stay with me. You will find useful tips on what to keep in mind, recommendations on things to do, and several official resources where you will be able to check updated information on any restrictions before your trip.

Entering the Country

The most important thing you should check is the rules for entering the Czech Republic. Whether you are allowed to come here for tourism purposes depends on your citizenship and the place where you live. The rules are continually changing. The best thing to do is to check the updated information on the Ministry of Internal Affairs website or contact the Czech Embassy in your country.

Christmas Markets in Prague in 2020

Unfortunately, famous Christmas markets at Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, and smaller ones at Namesti Miru, Tylovo Namesti, and Namesti Republiky are canceled. There is no information on markets at Prague Castle or Jiriho z Podebrad Square yet, but it is highly likely that those will be canceled as well. So, strolling through the markets with a cup of mulled wine is not an option this year. There will be decorations in the streets, and you can admire the Christmas tree at the Old Town Square, though.

Photo of Christmas decorations in Jiriho z Podebrad square

Masks are Still Necessary

You have to wear a mask in all the indoor premises, except for the place of accommodation. Keep in mind that masks are also necessary for public transport, taxi, metro station, etc. Nobody knows exactly when all the restrictions will be lifted. Better pack a bunch of masks with you and check this website for updated official information on current measures.

Photo of Loreta in winter.

Museums, Theatres, Concert halls, Castles, Zoos

Now in November 2020, all these places are closed. At this moment nobody knows when they will be opened again. So, if you were planning to visit some museums, it would be good to check their websites or social media pages before your trip for current information.

Things to Do in Prague This Winter

At this point, you are probably asking yourself if there is still anything to enjoy in Prague this winter. And the answer is "yes." The city is as beautiful as always; there are no crowds near attractions, and walks in the quiet streets could not be more romantic. Besides, if you are a photographer, there will be no better time to come and take great pictures. Here are some ideas about what to do in Prague during the pandemic.

Walks in historical quarters.

You can be sure that at least one museum will definitely be opened. It is Prague itself! Many call the city a museum of European architecture. You will find buildings of all styles - from Romanesque rotundas and Gothic cathedrals to Cubistic villas and Art Nouveau houses - in Prague historical quarters. This article will help you to prepare your itinerary.

Photo of Charles bridge in winter.

Affordable accommodation and restaurants prices.

Many hotels and restaurants have to lower their usual prices to attract new visitors. So, if you dreamed about a room with a Prague castle view or a dinner with a view at the Astronomical clock but could not justify the cost, check out the prices now.

Photo of the view of Charles bridge, the Lesser town and Prague Castle from the Old Town bridge tower.

Views from above.

Prague’s cityscape is breathtaking. You will want to see all those towers, red roofs, riverbanks, and bridges from above. And fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can do so: Hradcanske Namesti, Letna Hill, Vysehrad fortress walls, and a viewpoint at Strahov monastery. If indoor attractions are opened during your stay, visit the Old Town Bridge Tower and Petrin Tower. You can choose any of these places. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Weather in Prague in Winter and What You Should Pack

If I persuade you that you still can enjoy your stay in Prague this winter, let us move on to more practical things. What is the weather here like during the winter months, and what to wear to stay warm? The average temperature in December, January, and February in Prague is something between 3°C and 5°C (37°F - 41°F). Sometimes it is much colder, and the temperature goes below 0°. On other days it can be so warm that you will be ok with a light jacket. Anyway, keep in mind that it is always colder and windier in the Prague Castle area and near the Vltava river. Snowing is rare during past years, but still happens from time to time.

As you can see, the weather varies. The best thing to do is to wear several layers so that you can adjust them as needed. Pack at least two pairs of warm and comfortable shoes. There are old cobblestones everywhere in the city center. Avoid high heels! And do not forget an umbrella. If you still feel unsure about something, go to our Facebook page, and ask all your questions there.

Photo of Strahov monastery yard in winter.

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