About Us

Hello and welcome to Guide-Prague.org!

My name is Alena. I live in Prague, love to travel, and feel more comfortable behind a camera than in front of it. Also, I am a licensed tour guide.

Photo of Alena Meyer

I know how important it is to equip yourself with the necessary information about places you are planning to visit. But who wants to spend weeks reading through hundreds of websites about a single location when preparing a new adventure?

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For my trips, I always look for an all-in-one resource where I can get essential information: what to see, what to taste, and what to avoid. And hopefully, Guide-Prague.org will be such a resource for planning your visit to the Czech Republic. Here you will find everything you need for your unforgettable city break in Prague: top attractions, itinerary ideas, food and drink to try, practical information, and more.

Prefer to explore new countries with a tour guide? Perfect! Let me know when you are planning to visit Prague, and together we will craft a tailor-made itinerary for you. Send me an email to alena.meyer.va@gmail.com.

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